Welcome to Leader Heights Spine, Joint & Nerve Associates! Learn about our chiropractic care and how we can offer you pain relieving massage therapy. Through a comprehensive approach to your spinal health, we will decompress and manipulate the joints and muscles to provide you with a well-aligned spine to treat your pain. We will also educate you on how to correctly utilize massage therapy, nutrition, fitness, and orthotic aids to assist you with maintaining a pain-free lifestyle.

You will never receive “one-size-fits-all” treatments from our staff or be intentionally given longer-than-necessary treatment plans. We model each treatment to each individual to ensure all of your needs are met. Our staff leverages their in-depth understanding of chiropractic medicine to create a treatment path designed to get you back to health as swiftly as possible.

Thank you for giving our chiropractic family your trust in caring for your spinal health needs and helping you live a pain-free life. We look forward to offering you massage therapy, lymphedema treatment, and chiropractic care. Take the time to schedule a visit as soon as possible to start on the road to a pain-free lifestyle.