Take Back Your Spinal Mobility with Spinal Adjustment Manipulation

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Do you have pressure or a stinging sensation in your neck, shoulders, spine, or across different areas of your back? Have you tried numerous over-the-counter drugs resulting in little or no relief? If these unfortunate symptoms mirror yours, chiropractic adjustment manipulation may be right for you!

At this point, you may be asking yourself, just what heck is chiropractic spinal adjustment manipulation? For starters, it’s just one of myriad services we provide at Leader Heights Spine, Joint, & Nerve Associates. Broadly, spinal adjustment manipulation involves:

  • Safe, controlled, and gentle pressure applied to the spine by a licensed and experienced Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)
  • The restoration of joint mobility through strategically applying manual force
  • Relieving nerve and pressure point pain through a series of specifically targeted areas
  • The realignment of spinal discs, tissue, and muscle

Why Spinal Adjustment Manipulation?

When your neck, back, shoulders, hips, or other joints ache or cause downright painful sensations, it could very well be time for a chiropractic adjustment. When you visit our office, one of our experienced DCs will speak with you on a number of issues:

  • How long has your pain been noticeable?
  • How severely does your pain affect your quality of life?
  • Is there a family history of certain medical issues?

Among these questions, you may wish to discuss at length your history, concerns, and goals through chiropractic treatment. This allows our chiropractor to better understand the potential cause(s) of your pain, and to discuss and develop a path forward for treating your pain. But perhaps one of the most important reasons to consider chiropractic treatment is that spinal adjustment manipulation is a non-invasive procedure. Unlike spinal surgery, chiropractic treatment involves a series of spinal adjustment manipulations over a series of weeks or months to safely adjust your spine — all without the use of opioids and other harmful drugs.

Think Chiropractic Adjustment is Right for You? Contact Us to Book your Appointment

It’s a rare occasion that those experiencing back and neck pain can’t benefit from spinal adjustment manipulation. However, a consultation with a DC is of the utmost importance when determining what treatment is right for you. Do you feel that you could be one of the millions who annually benefit from chiropractic adjustment? You very well could be! Contact us now to schedule your consultation and take back your life from back pain!