Weather Vane

In initial visits, patients often wonder how Chiropractors “do what they do.” I am often asked how spinal adjustments work, and how I address muscle and joint pain. This is where the real philosophy of my practice is found and I have to say, NOT ALL CHIROPRACTORS are alike in this approach!

I like to explain it in terms that we all can relate to – a weather vane. Yes, the thing on the top of the barn that we thought only farmers cared about.


The forces on your spine can be explained by the vectors on a weather vane. When your spine is rotated, or “twisted,” this represents a shift from East to West (or West to East). This is that feeling of “leaning” on one side more than the other that patients describe. It can also feel harder to turn in one direction, or you may feel more stiff on one side of your neck or back when compared to the other. This is due to spinal rotation, and an adjustment of the joints in the opposite direction is what a chiropractic manipulation is. Restoring normal and equal motion on both sides is what a chiropractor does.


When repetitive lifting, bending, and reaching causes pain in the neck or back, we have our shift from North to South on the weather vane, or spinal “compression.” Joints and nerves become compressed and irritated when this happens. This can cause dull achy pain in the neck or back, stiff muscles and sometimes even tingling or numbness in the arms and legs. We use therapeutic modalities in our office that decompress the spine and relieve pressure on the nerves, muscles, and joints. This reverses the forces on these tissues, and reduces the causes of pain. Things like spinal traction, electromuscular stimulation, laser therapy, and massage help heal these conditions, and we offer these and more in our office.

360 Degrees

It works! Addressing all directions and forces on your spine that create pain and immobility is a complete and successful philosophy. I review every case history and treat every patient as the unique individual that they are. I tailor my approach based on what’s going to be the quickest path out of pain and into a more active life. Give me a call or contact me online, so I can do the same for you.